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SAMURAISHIP.COM is the comprehensive and up-to date listing of Annual Reports or Corporate Information of Japanese companies online in English.
We are one of the largest information providers of list of Japanese Company’s Annual Reports in English.
Our directory is a free Internet service that will enable potential investors or business partners abroad to review a company's annual report or corporate information in an easy convenient manner.
Our web visitors will be able to log into our directory and review corporate information at their convenience.
SAMURAISHIP.COM is an easy site to use. Visitors are able to look for a company through 4 search criteria: by company name, by market capitalization, by sector or industry and by exchange. Once a company is found, it can be viewed in either HTML or PDF format.
SAMURAISHIP.COM is provided and operated by DENAWA & COMPANY.
DENAWA & COMPANY is a consulting firm which Yoshito Denawa, certified public accountant, is managing as the representative.
Professionals in various fields are doing business together with Denawa & company.
We focus on the growth support of the companies in Japan.
SAMURAISHIP.COM plays the role for Japanese companies and foreign companies to make business or capital alliances.

Use of this site is free of charge.
It is open for use to everyone, everywhere.
Complete the user registration (no charge) and we will deliver the latest news via an email newsletter focusing on international alliances involving Japanese firms.

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